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SIT-SIT is not just furniture,


About us

SIT - SIT is not only about sofas and pouffes; it's primarily about people!

Our team isn't just comprised of experts in sofas and pouffes; they are passionate, cohesive, and ambitious individuals. This synergy propels us forward, fostering daily growth. It's our invaluable team members who ensure that every detail is meticulously attended to.

Meet our sales team!



Product Manager

Klaudiusz, our Product Manager, is not just a furniture expert. He is a true visionary with incredible style. His excellent taste extends beyond fashion and is most prominently displayed in how precisely he selects materials, colors, and oversees every detail of a project. Klaudiusz doesn't just sell furniture – he creates gems that bring a unique atmosphere to any interior




Monika, known as the 'friendliest salesperson in the industry,' is the heart of our team. Always smiling and ready to help, Monika not only takes care of our customers but, above all, builds unique relationships with them. Her advisory skills and positive attitude make collaboration a real pleasure, and every customer feels truly special.





Hania is our wizard in the content department. Everything that lands on our social media and website first goes through her hands. She sets the tone for our products, creating engaging marketing materials that our customers love. But Hania is not just a creative force behind the scenes - when needed, she quickly steps in front of the camera, showcasing not only her photo editing skills but also becoming the face of our furniture.



Logistics Manager

Sebastian is our logistics organization guru. For him, every delivery is like assembling extraordinary puzzles. He's like a logistics detective, always ready for transportation challenges. He operates like clockwork, precisely fitting each link to the next, creating harmony in the logistics realm so that everything runs like a well-oiled machine.


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