We have been specializing in a production of styrofoam beads filled pouf stools since 2006. Right from the start our distribution has been strongly based on the needs of traditional furniture stores. At first our range consisted mainly of products individually designed by our customers. Due to a dynamic expansion of the company and growing interest in our products by independent stores and large high street chains we have decided to open up a multichannel production based on new global supply chain strategy.

All our products currently available on the market will proudly display the SIT SIT logo, however we also supply various other companies and allow them to produce under their own individual logos. Thanks to our excellent production and strong logistic skills we are extremely proud to be supplying some of the most known manufacturers of furniture and some of the biggest retail chains in the world.

Our success is based on 4 factors

The quality of the materials used

It’s not just about creating a simple pouf stool – it’s about the sewing experience , the quality of the fabric, stitching and finishings and the highest quality filling that maintains its shape. Depending on a type of a thread used , plenty of style and character can be injected to the product which adds a new dimension to the word ‘quality”. Our vast experience, manufacturing facilities and regularly inspected production processes as well as top quality control allows us to satisfy the highest demands of our customers and business partners.

The variety of patterns and finishings

Due to a huge network of designers and upholstered furniture manufacturers that we work with, as well as excellent fabric suppliers allow us to create various collections using unique patterns and finishing materials. All of our models can be tailored to specific requirements, there is flexibility with the choice of fabric with plenty of different patterns to choose from. Our aim is to continue to offer the latest designs by regularly updating our collection and offer a fresh choice of fabrics and materials used.

Comfort and safety

Comfort is very important to us! Each individual pouf is filled with a hypoallergenic styrofoam beads that mould perfectly to the shape of the body, taking the pressure of the spine. The type of filler used on our products does not contain bromine, therefore is completely safe and has the perfect elasticity. In order to maintain the highest quality standards, every batch of granulate is regularly tested making sure the highest quality demands set by our partners are always met.

The experience

Years of working with the some of biggest global partners, such as Disney or IKEA had an enormous influence on a development and introduction as well as constant growth of our production processes and logistics. We have become confident and gained great knowledge of standards required by those type of the clients. We are a subject to regular audits, which are to ensure that the correct production procedures are followed and we are representing the highest quality standards in a field of production and logistics. The production is 100% Poland based, which guarantees the continuity of delivery system, ensures completion of orders and high quality of products. The continuous growth and development sets new challenges, however be believe that our knowledge and expertise help us respond more effectively to the toughest demands of our business partners.